New Zealand Children's Cancer Registry Report

Childhood Cancer by Diagnostic Group, 2010 - 2014

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Childhood cancer is developmental in origin, arising in growing and developing tissues and caused by the corruption of developmentally regulated genes. Hence, the natural patterns and types of cancer seen in children are very different to cancers seen in adults, which are strongly influenced by age, lifestyle and environmental risk factors. The relative rarity of childhood cancers, their unique biology and response to therapy, combined with the special needs of the child and their family mandates specialised care in dedicated child cancer treatment centres.



Number of Childhood Cancer Cases by Sex

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Blood cancers (the leukaemia and lymphoma diagnostic groups) accounted for half (49.7%) of all cancers diagnosed in boys in the 2010-2014 period compared to just 36.9% of all cases for girls. Boys were twice as likely to be diagnosed with 'lymphoma and lymphoreticular neoplasms' than girls.