Who We Are

Our Superpowers


We're powered by a fun digital super robot named Cheekee who helps children realise that their neurodiversity, disability or illness can change the world for good, in turn Cheekee is made stronger through the kindness, resilience, and joy of all children and can only be seen by those who exhibit these values.


Living life and having fun isn't a crazy concept but it's something adults forget to do along the way. A child in treatment always takes fun and finds happiness. Lox and his friends continue to show us the light and remind us to have fun while we're here!


We're a little bit cool and a whole lot agile! Cheekee Hero is a grassroots whā-run charity organisation filled with tough caring cookies. We're navigating our own way through childhood cancer and because of this we possess a deep empathy that enables us to make decisive impactful decisions.

Māori & Pasifika

We celebrate what makes us different and acknowledge the diverse beauty in all. It's a privilege to share our matauranga (knowledge) Māori and Pasifika in a unique way that are whānau led connections that enable an authentic vehicle of empathy and support.


Cheekee Tales is a uniquely, entertaining and empathetic digital storybook series told through an indigenous lens, to inspire, heal others and pave the way for creatives of different abilities to share their experiences with each other and educate society.

Cheekee also has supermates. All of whom have an extraordinary connection to their respective Atua (Māori God) and reside in the magical word Māreikura.
They all have their own stories that will inspire all of us to discover our superpower.