Our Superpowers

These are what make us unique


We understand the impact that storytelling can have on the health and well-being outcomes of children and youth with significant health issues. By providing a platform for families to share their stories, connect with others who understand their struggles, and access resources that can help them navigate their journey, we are helping to improve the quality of life for those who need it most.


Living life and having fun isn't a crazy concept but it's something adults forget to do along the way. A child in treatment always takes fun and finds happiness. Lox, his friends and whānau (family) continue to show us the light and remind us to have fun while we're here!


We're a little bit cool and a whole lot agile! Cheekee Hero is a grassroots whānau-led charity organisation filled with tough caring cookies. We're navigating our own way through childhood cancer and because of this we possess a deep empathy that enables us to make decisive impactful decisions.

Māori & Pasifika

By staying true to our heritage, we infuse our purpose with the richness and wisdom of our ancestors. Our cultural perspective and understanding enable us to connect deeply with the community we serve, ensuring that our support is meaningful, relevant, and empowering.