Can I return my order?

As we are a Charity we order goods in from a trusted distributor - sizing etc can be found on our website as well as the suppliers website. If you decide to return the item/s we will gift accordingly.

Do you accept change of mind returns?

You must pick your item/s very carefully - we cannot exchange them as we do not hold stock and this would incur an additional cost to the Charity.

When can I return an item that I am not happy with?

If you choose to return your item, this will be gifted accordingly. Please contact us direct via email or DM.

What condition must the items be in to be accepted for return?

The item/s must be in good condition and notification given within 7 days of receiving the item/s, and returned within 72 hours of notifying as it/they will be gifted accordingly.

How can I show proof of purchase?

You must prove the order number and soft copy of order.

What items are not eligible for a return?

We will not accept any item/s that is/are damaged as we cannot gift damaged items to the community we serve.

How do you deal with faulty returns under the Guarantees act?

We trust that our distributor and their supplier, source the best products available to us (as a Charity). If the item is deemed faulty please contact us immediately via email or DM and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

How does a Laybuy return work?

We do not offer Laybuy

How do I return an item?

As we are a Charity we need to keep costs to a minimum - please contact us via email or DM.