Rerehua Stewart

Rerehua Stewart

Rerehua Stewart, an eight-year-old girl hailing from Auckland, radiates strength and resilience in the face of cerebral palsy. With a captivating spirit that defies limitations, Rerehua's story serves as a beacon of hope. As a Cheekee Hero Charity ambassador, she inspires others to see beyond disabilities and embrace the power of storytelling. Let's dive into Rerehua's remarkable journey, where determination knows no bounds.

Rerehua embodies the true meaning of strength, living each day with tenacity and grace. Despite the challenges of cerebral palsy, her captivating smile belies her indomitable spirit. She proves that she's no pushover, defying expectations with her radiant presence.

At just eight years old, Rerehua finds solace in the love and support of her family. With her Aunty Aurtum and Uncle Quin, Hiwa, her parents Tatum and Dion, cherished brothers Dreua, Darc, she thrives in their care. Auckland serves as her playground, where she joyfully engages with her surroundings.

Cheekee Hero Charity recognised Rerehua's incredible spirit and chose her as an ambassador. Together, we harness the transformative power of storytelling to support children facing health challenges. Through the joy, resilience, and kindness of all children, our super robot Cheekee grows stronger, fueled by a community making a positive impact.

Rerehua's unwavering spirit teaches us to celebrate the extraordinary in every individual.

Makai Kareko

Makai Kareko, a courageous five-year-old boy from Dargaville, has become a symbol of resilience and joy. Diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth and later conquering Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Makai's journey is an inspiration to all. As the ambassador for Cheekee Hero Charity, Makai exemplifies the strength within every child, encouraging others to embrace their uniqueness. Let's explore Makai's extraordinary story, filled with hope and transformation.

Makai's remarkable spirit touched hearts from an early age. With his supportive family, including his older sister Amani and Nanny Shona, he recently moved to Papaioea, seeking new opportunities. Despite battling leukemia at just 11 months old, Makai's unwavering determination led him through rigorous treatments, supported by the Ronald McDonald House. In 2021, his doctors declared him in remission, opening a new chapter of resilience and discovery.

Cheekee Hero Charity recognised Makai's extraordinary story and named him an ambassador. Makai represents the strength and resilience of all children, proving that differences can change the world positively. Powered by the art of storytelling, Cheekee, our super robot, empowers children to embrace their unique abilities.

Makai's journey teaches us that love, resilience, and community can overcome any obstacle. As a Cheekee Hero Ambassador, Makai inspires children and adults alike to embrace their differences.

Makai Kareko