Meet Cheekee

"Kia ora. Hey Buddy! My friends call me Cheekee."

"What do you want to be?"

"A scientist?" "A builder?"

"I want to be rich"

"Oh well we all want to be rich, but did you know what R.I.C.H. actually stands for?"


"I'll tell you."

"R is for Resilience. Life is amazing, but can be hard too, just like all the greatest superhero stories. That's when we need to try to be strong and courageous, there are always good days to come."

"I is for Inclusion. Because everyone has value and everyone belongs. We all share this beautiful world and we can make it better by celebrating our differences and learnng from them."

"C is for Creativity. We all have individual superpowers. When we come across a challenge, we need to be curious and creative to find new or better ways to overcome it.

"H is for Happiness, because, ultimately, that is what life is all about. That's true richness - finding happiness within ourselves so that we can give it to others too."

"R.I.C.H is my Code of Honour and I reckon if we're all rich, boy oh boy life will be FUNNER!"