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Meet Sian Winmill

Meet Sian Winmill

The Creative Heart Behind Cheekee Hero Charity

Sian Winmill, our talented graphic artist, played a pivotal role in the creation of Cheekee Hero. This journey began with a heartfelt encounter between Sian and Lox, a child whose spirit inspired our mission. Despite coming from different worlds, Sian and Lox shared a deep empathy and gentleness that sparked an extraordinary bond.

Sian's gift to Lox was a box of beautifully illustrated red monster cards, each depicting a different emotion. These cards, part of the Monster Conversations initiative that Sian created, are designed to facilitate discussions about feelings and emotions. They proved to be a powerful tool for Lox, who quickly fell in love with the monsters and with Sian's compassionate nature.

From their first meeting, Lox was comforted by Sian's softness and attentiveness, finding her tics "cute." Inspired by Lox's dream of a friendly, kind, and resilient robot, Sian poured her creativity into bringing Cheekee to life. Cheekee embodies the kindness, resilience, and joy of children, guiding us on a journey to discover our inner strengths and joy for life.

Sian, who was diagnosed with Tourette's at 15 while attending St Peter's Cambridge, is an exceptional digital illustrator. She has also been featured on the television program "Living with Tourette's." Tourette's, a misunderstood neurological disorder, shares the challenges of isolation and resilience with childhood cancer, deepening Sian's connection to our cause.

We are incredibly grateful for Sian's dedication and the life she has breathed into Cheekee Hero. Her work and her story are integral to our mission, and we are honored to have her as part of our Cheekee Hero family.

Welcome Jenna McDougal

Welcome Jenna McDougal

A New Creative Force at Cheekee Hero Charity

Meet Jenna McDougal, the newest addition to our creative team at Cheekee Hero Charity. Jenna, an aspiring artist in her senior year of high school, dreams of a career in animation. Her love for furry critters, especially cats, is evident in her home, which is always filled with foster kittens.

As an autistic individual, Jenna brings a unique and invaluable perspective to our mission. Cheekee Hero Charity is dedicated to supporting the neurodivergent community by sharing their stories and celebrating their creative talents. We believe these talents are superpowers that can inspire and uplift our community.

Jenna's passion for art and animation, coupled with her love for animals, adds a vibrant and compassionate touch to our team. Her creativity and dedication reflect our commitment to showcasing the strengths and talents of neurodivergent individuals.

By welcoming Jenna, we continue our mission to tell compelling stories and support the neurodivergent community. Jenna's journey and artistic vision are integral to helping us share the magic and resilience that define Cheekee Hero. We are excited to see the wonderful contributions she will bring to our charity and the stories she will help us tell.