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Jenna, an aspiring artist in her senior year of high school, dreams of a career in animation. Her love for furry critters, especially cats, is evident in her home, which is always filled with foster kittens.
As an autistic individual, Jenna brings a unique and invaluable perspective to our mission. Cheekee Hero Charity is dedicated to supporting the neurodivergent community by sharing their stories and celebrating their creative talents. We believe these talents are superpowers that can inspire and uplift our community.
Jenna's passion for art and animation, coupled with her love for animals, adds a vibrant and compassionate touch to our team. Her creativity and dedication reflect our commitment to showcasing the strengths and talents of neurodivergent individuals.
By welcoming Jenna, we continue our mission to tell compelling stories and support the neurodivergent community. Jenna's journey and artistic vision are integral to helping us share the magic and resilience that define Cheekee Hero. We are excited to see the wonderful contributions she will bring to our charity and the stories she will help us tell.

Jenna (500 x 500 px)