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This time last year we hit the green button and our website went live. So many hours, people power, and pure determination contributed to this momentous occasion.

Although Cheekee Hero Charity was given charitable status in October 2020 and that in itself was a big deal for our grassroots. Lox was nearing the end of the intensive side of treatment but still had some hurdles to overcome before we made it to the Maintenance phase, and even reaching that point would see Lox's health remain on the rollercoaster to this day.

Maintenance was always the goal. That if we managed to get here, life would be smooth sailing. Has it been smooth? Not quite, but it's definitely a far cry from the early days and we remain grateful for every day, every moment, and every lesson that life has given us.

Although Lox attends school, he's had many days away due to treatment, hospitalisation or just catching bugs that other kids would be able to fend off and of course COVID. Much to our relief, this was a hurdle that he smashed right through.

All this said Cheekee Hero Charity has managed to tick away quietly confident in its belief that our passion to help others, our integrity behind our message, and our hope that by connecting with each other to create meaningful change, we will transform adversity into joy.

We don't know what the next 12 months hold but today we celebrate.
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