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Jasmine Soa
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Each story will give an inside perspective into how those living with different abilities are viewed and treated, offering education opportunities to society to effect change.

Each story will be delivered by Cheekee and “their” ensemble cast of creatures in a fun, authentic, and interactive way.

Let's start here...

The story is set during the pandemic and the protagonist is an 11-year-old girl, named Olivia Murray who is hospitalised and in treatment for cancer (relapsed) and who now uses a wheelchair to get around.  She has an exceptional talent for art and finds solace in drawing her magical world Mareikura (an order of female supernatural beings corresponding to the male whatukura) and its diverse creatures.


One long night she creates a superhero of her own from the parts of heroes her peers have drawn to represent her (a project from school). Olivia wants so much to have a companion who is loyal and will never leave her side.


After she finishes her sketch she looks out at the view and makes a wish before going to sleep.


Olivia wakes to find herself in the magical world Mareikura with Cheekee (the super robot whom she created) staring back at her. She is no longer hooked up to any machines and is able to move freely.

Cheekee never leaves Olivia's side in Mareikura but when they find a way for Cheekee to come into the real world, Cheekee is restricted and must go back in order to power up.

The story evolves into Olivia's true path being realised. Each creature of Mareikura and who all have a strong connection to their respective Atua (Maori Gods) will offer her a lesson. She then takes these lessons back to the real world and is able to connect with others (children and young people with different abilities) in spite of her illness.

We've got lots of helpful hands in the mix and we've also been very fortunate in receiving counsel from Matua Matahi Brightwell in connecting our digital purakau to Te Ao Maori, so this aligns with ensuring that matauranga (knowledge) Māori is “tika” (correct). But that doesn't mean we're all full up, in fact, we're on the hunt for more creatives!    

Click on the link KAIURUNGI and we'll be in touch.