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Jasmine Soa
Published on
This 17th September 2021 Cheekee Hero Charity is raising awareness of childhood cancer by making every step count with their Glow Gold Hikoi from the suburb of Ōrākei to SkyCity's Sky Tower, and they even have the Ōrākei locals onboard.
September is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Cheekee Hero Charity is on a mission to not only raise awareness of childhood cancer but to also increase the significance of the gold ribbon.

In New Zealand, 3 families every week will be given a childhood cancer diagnosis - this means approximately 156 families every year will walk a very difficult journey.
Cheekee Hero Charity wants to honour every family that is on this journey. Every step we take we remember our Angels, our Superheroes fighting, their families, and their supporters.

If you'd like to volunteer and help raise awareness of this event get in contact with us, we'd love to chat.

*Artist: Angus Olsen from I Draw Childhood Cancer -