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As more and more people hear about Cheekee Hero Charity and the work we're doing to raise awareness of our beautifully diverse community and our approach to solving the issue of accessibility, inclusion and participation. It becomes more apparent that our WHY is what draws curiosity.

Our personal story of a whānau navigating through childhood cancer is what brought us here, but our observations, conversations and empathy is what led us to the path of connecting with families of neurodiversity, disability and illness and wanting to make a difference, differently. 

Telling your story means being vulnerable and as the amazing and quick-witted, Brene Brown would say, 'vulnerability determines the depth of our courage and the clarity of our purpose.'
As a Mother, I knew instantly that I wanted to help others and as a Founder, I felt extremely compelled to make that happen.

Cheekee Hero Charity is developing our Cheekee Tales and we recently put out a call to the Creative Technology Department at AUT in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) and we were overwhelmed with the response.
They are helping bring our Cheekee booklet to life. Here's what Jordan, Guide and Michael have to say about their project and their WHY;

AUT Students 
Jordan, Guide and Michael

Hello, we are a small group of three from AUT, who are working together to help create a prototype five-page coloring-in Augmented Reality booklet for Cheekee Tales.

So far we have completed page one of the five-page booklet, which, while it does seem underwhelming is actually a massive achievement. We have most of the characters fully modeled, textured and rendered in AR, We have the first page fully designed and we have a working AR application that can scan the first page and create an AR scene from the page.

Right now we are working on the second and third pages of the five-page booklet. Guide is currently designing the pages, Jordan is working on implementing the new pages into the Augmented Reality App that he designed, While Michael is designing and modeling terrain for the scenes.

We all choose to work on Cheekee Tales because of how important it is to support those in need, and each of us felt that this booklet would be the best way we could help right now. Each of us has our own skills that help us make this dream a reality, Guide with his graphical design skills, Jordan with his knowledge of Augmented Reality and Michael with his passion for 3D modeling.

Hi, I’m Jordan, I’m one of the people doing this project. I am a child at heart with a love of toys such as lego and nerf and I like helping people who can’t help themselves. So I thought that by working on Cheekee Tales I could use my skills and passions to help those in need.

Hello, I’m Guide. I am an international student from Thailand. I want the project to come to life not only because I want to make a portfolio for myself, but also because I want to help create innovation in the future, and Cheekee Tales is that innovation.

Hey! I’m Michael Southon, the only first-year within our group. I was asked to join the group by Jordan, because he knew how passionate I am about 3D modeling. I hope that when the Cheekee Tales AR colouring books can be found in children's hospitals around the world, I can look back at them and say “I helped make that”.