We're here to CONNECT - AMPLIFY - CREATE CHANGE by working collaboratively.
What better way to create a movement of cooperation to affect change for good than to say, "hey jump on board our waka (canoe)."

Some amazing charities have also been set up by tamariki in treatment, their whānau, and their mātua (parents) whose Angels were the inspiration behind giving to the community and whom we honour.

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Every New Zealander should be able to fully participate in society, have the opportunity to learn, to get a job, and to take part in community and social life.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, we like to think we live in a classless and fair society. We take pride in having a can-do attitude where working hard translates into getting ahead. We know, of course, that the reality is somewhat different for many of us. Our society was designed and built for just a portion of our population.

Accessibility legislation acknowledges that all New Zealanders will at some stage during their lifetime have invisible or visible disabilities, either permanent or temporary. People with invisible and visible disabilities continue to experience barriers in everyday life. Identifying barriers and removing them is at the heart of this new law.

Without government action to ensure all businesses, buildings, and services are accessible, one in four of us, every day, will continue to be excluded from accessing or fully participating in parts of life that other Kiwis take for granted.

It doesn't need to be this way. The Access Alliance