We are here to CONNECT - AMPLIFY - CREATE CHANGE by working collaboratively

What better way to create a movement of cooperation to affect change for good than to say, "hey jump on board our waka (canoe)."

Some amazing charities have also been set up by tamariki in treatment, their whānau, and their mātua (parents) whose Angels were the inspiration behind giving to the community and whom we honour.

If you would like to hop on our waka click on KAIURUNGI (navigator) and we'll be in contact.

We exist to create opportunities for the Neurodiverse to live fulfilling lives at school, work and in the community, enabling everyone to maximise their strengths and support each other to be their 'best selves'.

We do this through consultancy and education.

In order to help the Neurodiverse, we understand that we need to help everyone understand how different brains are wired to maximise their strengths thereby creating high performing individuals and teams. We have also come to the realisation that without psychological safety, acceptance, inclusion and being valued by employers, we are fighting a losing battle of maintaining mental wellness.

Positively impact customer satisfaction, through teams understanding of how best to deal with a variety of customer types, and to recognise the differences and deal with people in a more appropriate manner. Worth noting it will often be the Neurodiverse who are more likely to be creative, take risks, put failure at the back of their mind, and start a business and this is how DivergenThinking came to be.