Cheekee Explains

Cancer Isn't Fun

But we need to find out what's happening in your body

"Hey Buddy, so what is cancer?

Well your body is made up of teeny, tiny, little cells, that help you do all sorts of wonderful things like running super fast, climbing really high or even laughing so much you tummy hurts - and thats just a few things. There's so many others and these all help with our MISSION to TAKE FUN.

One day when a cell was being made, things went wonky and that cell went craaaazy and made lots of other craaazy cells, and those craaazy cells started to multiple really, really fast. Faster than the healthy cells.

The doctors and nurses then have to decide what MISSION to take.

Some involve special medicines - these attack the cancer but can also make you feel like a Vomit Monster and sometimes your hair can fall out too. But that's okay I have a lightbulb on my head!

Others use special beams of light to blast at those craaazy cells or super clever cells can be made to help with the fight.

The doctor might even choose a different MISSION and cut out the cancer while you sleep.

Cancer isn't fun, but from adversity comes great powers.

Our MISSION is to AMPLIFY those powers."