We're here to CONNECT - AMPLIFY - CREATE CHANGE by working collaboratively.
What better way to create a movement of cooperation to affect change for good than to say, "hey jump on board our waka (canoe)."

Some amazing charities have also been set up by tamariki in treatment, their whānau, and their mātua (parents) whose Angels were the inspiration behind giving to the community and whom we honour.

If you would like to hop on our waka click on KAIURUNGI (navigator) and we'll be in contact.

Striving to bring enjoyment to children's lives, our current focus is on the lack of facilities in Northland catering for disabled children.

Our mission! To make Northland the most disability-friendly region in New Zealand. To provide more events for our disabled children their parents and siblings to enjoy togetherness.

More usable and wheelchair-friendly outdoor experiences sensory programs and equipment in public spaces. Our mission is to make every disabled child welcome in Northland.